We are….

Arnie Skelton

Managing Director, who formed the company in 1990.  Cartoon character: road runner.  Loves: 60’s music, fell walking, American Football.  Ambition: to scuba dive in the Antarctic. Most memorable training moment: using a Little Chef cafe as an emergency training venue for 40 participants. Main ’state’: Thinking. What other team members say: Early Bird…

Diane Ingham Cook

Team member, who joined the team in 1996.  Cartoon character: Pocahontas.  Loves: Liverpool FC, ski-ing, Take That. Ambition: to see Liverpool FC win the Premiership again.  Most memorable training moment: keynote speaker at National Museum Conference (National Gallery).  Main ’state’: Being.  What other team members say: Sporty Spice…

Julie Olsson

Team member, who joined the team in 2005.  Cartoon character: Tinkerbell.  Loves: Conferences, Mamma Mia, gemstones.  Ambition: to attend more conferences!  Most memorable training moment: Seeing the penny… drop.  Main ’state’: Spiritual. What other team members say: Party Girl…

Caroline Rowlands

Office Manager, who joined the team in 1996.  Cartoon character: Lady Penelope.  Loves: sunshine, shoes, diamonds.  Ambition: for Jeremy Clarkson to be Prime Minister, with Richard Littlejohn as his Deputy.  Most memorable training moment: sending Arnie to the wrong airport!
Main ’state’: Laughing. What other team members say: Lady Rowlands…

  • Feedback

    This is a section in which we record feedback from our various training and development programmes.
    If you’d like to add any of your own feedback, please do so in the box below.
    Thanks for all your comments…!

    “Fantastic course with brilliant feedback, practical advice and techniques. Invaluable experience and highly recommended. Great job guys, me [...]

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  • Effective’s NLP Invitation….

    View our trailer to receive your personal invite to our open course….it could change your life..!

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  • NLP Open Programme…

    Arnie has already successfully run some in house Practitioner programmes, and is also currently running a ‘Personal NLP Practitioner’ programme.  This is designed specifically for individuals, and is tailored exactly to their needs: time, place, pace, and learning preferences.  You can join this programme any time you like, and take as long as you like.  [...]

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  • Equal Opportunities: Statement of Commitment

    This Statement is intended for anyone with whom we do business – including:
    All our staff
    All our associates
    All participants on any of our programmes
    Anyone we come into contact with, personally or professionally
    Effective are committed to supporting equal opportunities, and valuing diversity, in all we do, and in all our personal and professional relationships.  We want [...]

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  • No win, no fee service…

    Looking for a new job?  Wanting to prepare for an internal promotion?  Facing a selection process when it’s years since you last had an interview?  We at Effective can help.
    Our No Win, No Fee Service provides you with either three or six hours personal support - face to face and/or over the phone.  The three [...]

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Just to let you all know that on our SLIDEAS site, we are now offering a new powerpoint presentation every fortnight (alternate Sundays), for you to download for free! Our back catalogue of presentations is also available. So don’t miss out on these freebies - check the site regularly!! We’d also be interested in any similar presentations you have. Just email them to me, and I’ll get them published, with full credits to the author!