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We are experienced and trusted UK providers of management training and development, leadership, team and staff training courses. For more than 25 years, ETD has been working with clients across the UK and overseas to address key organisational, departmental and team needs. Our management and team training skills will help to develop your individuals, managers, teams and leaders to allow your business to flourish.

We run on-site training courses as well as 1 to 1 executive coaching and mentoring programmes. Our 15 Videos series can be used and accessed by anyone in your organisation.

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We offer a No Win, No Fee Service for Job Applications. Call for details now – 0161 437 6809.


One to one coaching

Personal support and development from Chief Executive to first line supervisors struggling with a broad range of work-related issues.


We work in partnership with clients across many sectors to address key organisational, departmental and team needs. Read more about our executive coaching training

Management Training and Development

We design and deliver a wide range of management skills training, leadership training and team training and development courses for over 100 clients in the UK and abroad. Our clients include over 30 local authorities, 10 FE colleges, and 15 museums and heritage organisations.

Latest News

Healthy Living Workshop

16th August 2019
18th October – Manchester. Arnie will be joined by Anna Cox, a brilliant and specialist nutritionist, and together they will help you to an easy to understand, complete and enjoy way of...

Coaching for Coaches

16th August 2019
7th October – Manchester. A one-day workshop for experienced or aspiring 1-1 coaches, during which Arnie will “download” the best of his 30 years’ experience as a 1-1 coach. Top tips tools...

Nudge Theory Open Course

12th August 2019
11th Sept, 2019 – Manchester. We are running a one-day workshop on the principles and practice of Nudge Theory and how to nudge people into behaviours you want The course will run...

Effective Newsletter – June 2019

3rd July 2019
HEALTHY LIVING TOUR Six months ago I radically changed my eating and exercise habits and as a result, have lost over 20 kilos and taken 6.5”off my waist. I now walk around...

FE News – 3 Sets of Relationships

17th June 2019
I recently had this article published by FE News relating to the relationships that people have with work. Although written with students in mind, the theories and strategies apply to a wider...

Apollo 50th Anniversary

27th May 2019
You may not know this, but having grown up during the 60’s, I’ve always had a special interest in the Apollo space programme. July 20th will be the 50th anniversary of the...

Healthy Living Workshop

20th May 2019
I have been on a journey of personal transformation since December 2018 which, to my astonishment and delight, has totally changed the way I eat and exercise. This has had a profoundly...

FE News- Health and Wellbeing

15th May 2019
I recently had this article published by FE News relating to Health and Wellbeing which are increasingly important factors for both learners and staff. As a college, do you want to offer...

2018 FE News Articles

31st December 2018
Here’s the full list of this year’s articles.  To access any of them, go to www.fenews.co.uk, then search for ‘Arnie Skelton’ January:          What humans need most… February:        Tooling up… March:             Entrepreneurial learning…...
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