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22nd February 2009 | Asides

This is the place we announce breaking news, our new programmes, and ask the occasional question.

Calling all teachers….game on!

22nd February 2009 | hot stuff

We’re developing and designing a new course for teachers who would like to know more about how video games and the latest technology can help students learn – and how to make…

Credit crunch: Train The Trainer…

21st February 2009 | hot stuff

It’s possible that as a result of the credit crunch, your organisation might be wanting to reduce spending on training, and in particular bring in-house training that hitherto you might have contracted…

The Ultimate Bike Ride…!

7th February 2009 | bike ride

David and Nathan have both committed to an amazing bike ride for charity in November, 2009. The ride is from Vietnam to Cambodia, from Saigon to Angkor Wat. The total distance is…

Top 10: business books

7th February 2009 | Top 10 tips

This month’s top 10 features Arnie’s top 10 business books. Some old, some new, but all worth the read. In no particular order: 1 Being Happy (Andrew Matthews). A top book with…

Top 10: characteristics of an effective team

7th February 2009 | Top 10 tips

1: Identity: Strong teams have a clear identity, often signified in a number of ways.  Most obviously a name, but also including budget, venue/meeting place, uniform, logo, colour scheme, language, rituals… 2:…

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