Accredited NLP Courses UK – Learn A Wide Range Of Techniques

At Effective Training and Development, we offer accredited NLP Courses across the UK.

We have great experience in delivering Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) courses and can provide the perfect level of depth for your requirements.

For those just wishing to dip their toes into this area, to learn a few basic techniques and see if NLP is a skill they would like to develop further, we offer introductory courses.

Anyone wanting a more in depth accredited NLP course should consider our Fast Track To NLP Practitioner course – this is a four-day course, typically over two weekends, that leaves participants with a deep understanding of NLP. Techniques learnt can then be applied to all areas of a person’s life, be that work or home, and used to boost the performance of others too.

To find out more about our accredited NLP courses, please call us on 0161 437 6809 or use our Contact Form.

Accredited NLP Courses UK – Two Options

For anyone wanting to get a thorough understanding of NLP, its techniques and to be left with strategies that can truly can help them get the best from themselves, then our Fast Track To NLP Practitioner course is a superb option.

This course is accredited and certified by the Society of NLP, a society headed by Richard Bandler, one of the founders of NLP. This is a course that leads to a qualification as an NLP practitioner.

The course will leave you able to better communicate with yourself, to ensure that you are truly working towards your goals. The brain is a super computer, one of the most powerful computers in existence, and yet we are not given a manual for how to use it, we do not inherently know how to communicate with our brain to make it work for us.

NLP coaching and the techniques give you this insight, they leave you with strategies so that your brain and your subconscious know what it is that you are aiming for and so motivate you to ensure those goals materialise.

To give a simple example, you might know that you need to finish a project, and yet it is hard to start work or feel motivated, maybe you watch TV instead. This is because the brain thinks this is what you want and so it is actively working against what you really need to achieve. With NLP strategies you can end this disconnect and learn how to sync what you need to do with what you are motivated to do.

The aim of this course is to be practical. While there will be some time spent looking at the history of NLP, this is not the core aim, the aim is to leave attendees with more than 20 NLP strategies which they can use to make a positive strategies. These are strategies that will work at home, at work, on yourself and when working with others.

As you would expect of a four-day course, there is plenty of time for interaction, questions, and practical exercises, all in an environment that is friendly but also focussed.

We can bring this accredited NLP course to you, wherever you are in the UK – if you want a number of employees at your place of work to benefit from NLP coaching, we can arrange bespoke content for your place of work.

An Introduction to NLP

The four-day course will leave attendees with NLP techniques to make a profound difference to their life, however we appreciate that might seem a sizeable investment in time.

That is why we developed our Introduction to NLP, this taking just half a day and yet still providing practical information that gives participants six important NLP techniques.

The introductory course works as a standalone, giving useful advice and techniques, but it also paves the way for anyone who then wants to delve deeper. It is common for people to take our introductory courser and then almost immediately sign up to the four-day Practitioner course.

It might be that you are not sure which course is best for you – if that is the case, please do get in touch and have a chat with us.

Why Choose Us for NLP coaching?

At Effective Training and Development, we have been running NLP courses for many years and have strong links with the Society of NLP.

We work for our clients and customers, finding innovative solutions and training methods that work for them, rather than a prescriptive one-size-fits-all approach.

Our case studies and testimonials speak for our quality, as do the quotes from those we have coached.

“I really wish I had done the course a year ago when I first became a manager, although I probably wouldn’t have known what the questions I needed answers to were then!”

Whether it is a half-day course and a few basic techniques to make an immediate difference, or a longer course to gain a true understanding of NLP, we can cater to your needs.

Please call us on 0161 437 6809 or use our Contact Form.

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