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Are You Sitting Comfortably? Our new book…free!

Arnie and Diane are about to publish their next book – ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’ – during the summer.  But you can get a copy absolutely free!


Here’s how to do it.

The book consists of 52 stories, each entertaining in their own right, but also containing a key message for managers and anyone interested in personal development.  Each story is fully illustrated with original cartoons from the excellent Garry Jones.  As from 21 MAY, we will be publishing one story per week, every Monday, at 5am.  The story will be on the site for one week only, and during that time you can download, save and print that story.  One week later, that story will be removed, and the next one will replace it – and so on for a full year – 52 weeks.

If you miss a week, and a story, you can of course buy the full book, from Effective, price £19.99.  So – quite a bargain if you save each story for free…!!

You may want to put the date in the diary, or bookmark and RSS this site…so you can take full advantage of this offer….

Remember: the first story will appear on 21 May, at 5am….be there!

And…don’t forget our first book is also available: ‘The Wizard Book of Management: 100 Top Tips for Modern Managers’ – available from Effective at £10, or from Amazon at £11.99.

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