Yes!  After the success of Movember – terrible moustache but £240.00 raised (thank you!!) – I am running the London Marathon, for Mencap, on 21 April 2013.

Training is already under way, and the fundraising page on Justgiving is now open!  Just go to (the date of the marathon).  Every penny you can give will be an additional incentive to spur me on over the 26+ miles….!

My aim is to raise £2000.  To help towards this, I’d like each of you to agree to host a quiz for me as a fundraiser.  I’ll provide the quiz questions and answers, and the format. If you are within the Greater Manchester area, I’ll come and run it for you if you like.  Your job is to invite people to your house, or your local pub, and raise £50 toward my fundraising.  If I could get 20 of you to do this, I’d be half way there to my target: 40, and we’ve cracked it.  It would be a great reason for holding a dinner party or a get together, and be for a terrific cause.  And you can do it any time between now and 21 April.

Are you up for it?  If you are, leave your name and contact details in the box below, or email me at Thank you!

Watch this space, and my justigiving site, for regular updates and announcements.  As of today (8 December) there are 135 days to go, and I’m ahead of schedule with my training.  I can now run 5 miles non-stop.  My target is 8-10 miles by the end of this month…..(YIKES!).  All messages of support will be most welcome through these cold, winter mornings…! (I usually run at 6am)….