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Barbados creativity..

I’m on holiday in Barbados, and there are a few things caught my eye that are worth thinking about.

  • because the rain falls heavily here (which is why I’m indoors writing this now!) most guttering has simple chains, at regular intervals, from the gutter to the ground – a simple, cheap and effective way of getting the run off to the ground
  • one of the restaurants we visited has a lobby as an art gallery, with local artists on display.  It’s a stunning entrance to the restaurant, and a great showcase for the local talent.  I’ve often wondered why we don’t do more of this at home – either using premises’ ‘dead space’ for this purpose, or even combining two businesses under the one roof…
  • on a similar theme, the restaurant we ate at last night was originally the only petrol station on the west coast (Lone Star), but soon expanded into a garage, and food stall, and then a restaurant and hotel…
  • little things make a big difference.  The hotel we are staying at – Tamarind Cove – provides free internet access 24/7, free fresh fruit and water by the pool, a free choice of ice creams mid afternoon, and a free changing room on leaving day.  None of these cost a lot, but make a really positive impression
  • What a difference lightness and colour make to everyone’s mood….
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