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Festive fun….3

23rd December 2009 | quizzes etcUncategorised

Next quiz. This is hard…you just have to guess most of them…. 1  When was the Queen’s Christmas Speech first broadcast on television? 2  When was the first stamp to commemorate Christmas…

Festive fun….2

22nd December 2009 | quizzes etc

Next quiz. These initials are the first lines of favourites Christmas songs and carols.  What are they? 1  CROAOF 2  GRYMG 3  ISMKSC 4  WTKOOA 5  DDMOH 6  GKWLO 7  OCAYF 8 …

Festive fun…1

6th December 2009 | quizzes etc

OK – throughout this festive period watch this website for quizzes and other fun items.  Here’s the first.  Name the singer/band/ group associated with these tracks, then rearrange into a festive message….

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