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Challenging Conversations

Who should attend, and why?

This one day workshop is for anyone facing a 1-1 conversation which might be tricky, and who wants a number of strategies, tools, tactic and skills to help them make such a conversation more successful.


By the end of this workshop you will

  • know the circumstances likely to lead to a challenging conversation
  • know the 3 key factors that are most likely to make a conversation challenging
  • be able to identify, then skilfullly use, key tools and skills to improve your chances of making it less challenging
  • appreciate how important attitude and feelings are to the effectiveness of any conversation


  • What makes a challenging conversation challenging?
  • Identifying the 3 most common factors (A, B & C)
  • Factor A: why and how does it happen; ways of preventing or reducing its likelihood or impact
  • Factor B: how and why does this happen, ways of removing the factor or minimising its consequence
  • Factor C: why does it ‘go wrong’; what to do to prevent it going wrong

Development Method:

The workshop will be a mix of facilitator input, group discussion, a short video extract, practical activities, and feedback.  The morning will by and large the principles: the afternoon – putting the principles into practice.


  • “Trainer has excellent communication skills, very easy to respond to” (Manager, Merseycare NHS)

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