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I met Anna while working with her in India.  I found out she was a specialist nutritionist and health coach, and mentioned I could do with losing some weight.  I said I wasn’t a fan of diets, and that what I wanted was a permanent change to my eating and lifestyle habits that would lose me weight and fit in with what I wanted to eat, and the rest of my busy life.  Anna accepted the challenge, and during my week with her worked out what I was currently doing, how it contributed to my weight and (unhealthy) eating pattern, and together we agreed a programme of action designed to – essentially – change my life.

And it has.

“Here are the basic facts.  In India, my weight was 92 kilos – over 14 stone.  For my height, my upper weight for a healthy BMI should be 75 kilos.  9 weeks on and my weight has dropped to under 70 kilos, and I feel fantastic! But the best part is that it honestly wasn’t difficult – Anna seemed to intuitively know the right approach to work WITH my body, not against it. I started walking (much) more – 10k steps every day – but I have so much more energy that walking has become my favourite part of the day! I really enjoyed everything I ate, and amazingly, my previously insatiable hunger was finally under control, so I felt like I could eat as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted – the only restriction was an agreed fasting period between my last and first meal. No tedious calorie counting!  Anna provided delicious and easy to make recipes and menu ideas, and was regularly on hand by skype, phone or text to see how I was getting on, offer encouragement, and make any adaptations required to make sure I kept seeing results.”

I’ve never felt better.  It’s great not carrying 3 stone (20 kilos) of excess baggage around, and – a real delight – the plan we’ve devised has significantly reduced the size of my midriff (ok – belly!).  My shirt buttons are not under strain any more, and I’m able to wear clothes I’ve not been able to get into for years.  And I’ve had to put additional holes in all my belts.

What’s not to like?

This is the healthy lifestyle change I’ve been looking for, and am now confident I have found, for good.  It has been truly and inspirationally transformational.

This note is not a sales pitch.  I get no financial gain from Anna for recommending her or hosting this note on my website.  I just know there are lots of people like me, who want an effective change, and are looking for an effective route to that change.  And here it is.

If you’re interested, here’s what Anna herself has to say.



I offer a 1-1 health coaching service to help you discover and implement the perfect healthy lifestyle for you – and ultimately transform your health.  I specialise in nutrition, but can really help coach you in all aspects of health.  I only work with a handful of clients at a time, so I get to know you and your needs in detail.  My ‘unlimited access’ coaching model means no more ‘pay by the hour’ sessions – I am on call, whenever you need me, 24 hours a day.  This really is support like you’ve never experienced it before!  If this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to finally make all those health goals a reality, just visit my website now to book a free session.”



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