We thought you might be interested in what’s going on, what we’re doing, with who, and where.  So we’ll keep this page live and up to date, for the month ahead.  So if you want to know what ETD are up to on a day to day basis, watch this space!!


5            Team development day, Manchester

6            1-1 coaching,  Liverpool

Development meeting, Crewe

Development day, Stockport

8            Account Manager programme, Bolton

9            As above

12          1-1 coaching, Guildford

13          Moving into Management, Manchester

14          Moving into Management, Manchester

15          Team development, Guildford

Learning at Work Day, Manchester

16          Assessment Centre, Bolton

20          Team Development, Guildford

21          Team Development, Guildford

22          Essential Tutoring Skills, Manchester

23          How to manage and plan Group Tutorials, Manchester

27           Assessment Centre, Bolton

28           1-1 coaching, Crewe

29           1-1 coaching, Crewe


2            Development Centre, Bolton

3            1-1 coaching, Liverpool

4            1-1 coaching, Liverpool and Crewe

5            Development Centre, Bolton

Learning at Work Day, Guildford