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At Effective Learning and Communications we provide Executive Coaching Courses that are tailored to individual workplaces and executives.

We believe that for executive coaching courses to truly deliver, they need to be bespoke, they need to tackle exactly the areas and goals that are important to the individual seeking coaching.

To deliver on this aim, we offer coaching in a variety of formats. We can provide one-to-one coaching, this typically a number of two-hour sessions with time to reflect and implement change in-between the sessions.

Alternatively, there are group sessions whereby participants engage in a workshop setting, this providing senior managers with the skills to support their leadership roles.

As you can see on this site, we offer a wide range of courses, for instance 6 keys to leadership, coaching for high performance and creating a happy and successful workforce to name just three.

However, we would work with you to discuss your aims and create a tailored coaching structure to match.

To discuss our executive coaching courses and how they can help in your development, please call us on 0161 437 6809 or use our Contact Form.

Executive Coaching Courses – Free Access For One Month

We have spoken of setting up bespoke executive coaching for your needs, but what if you want to out us to the test?

You can do just that by taking advantage of our obligation-free one month trial. For a whole month, you will get FREE access to your own one-to-one business coach – we believe we will provide our worth, but you are also free to then simply say thanks and goodbye with no hard feelings.

To take advantage of this month’s free coaching, simply email arnieskelton@etc.co.uk

Executive Coaching Courses – The Benefits

By taking advantage of our free offer, you will quickly be able to see the impact our executive coaching sessions can have.

What have others said though?

A manager who had a day’s one-to-one coaching had this to say.

“I was able to have a full day one to one coaching session based on the subjects I wanted to cover, these included: training preparation & planning, evaluation process, training needs analysis and project management.

“The coaching session gave me an insight into the needs of clients as well as those who were to attend the course. Therefore, my preparation has taken on a very different meaning.

“I have a greater knowledge of evaluation techniques that have improved the learning process and assisted supervisors in monitoring staff performance when they join the various teams.

“I have led on projects set by management and found the experience more enjoyable and productive for all who are part of the project team.:

A senior lecturer summed up his thoughts with:

“I really wish I had done the course a year ago when I first became a manager, although I probably wouldn’t have known what the questions I needed answers to were then!”

As with all courses and clients, and this can be seen in our case studies, the content was different depending on the specific requirements.

That is why we cannot list a programme for how your executive coaching would be structured – how could we set a programme before knowing what it is you are hoping to achieve or tackle?

This ethos of providing an individual service comes from our managing director, Arnie Skelton, a hugely experienced coach.

Of Archie, a recent excessive said “Arnie’s coaching was – and still is – literally life-changing. He cuts to the real issues like a laser, combining his considerable expertise with uncannily accurate instincts. With his support I’ve become comfortable tackling challenges that were previously unthinkable; Arnie helped me ignite a new career and new-found confidence.”

We truly believe that Effective Training and Development’s executive coaching will have a profound impact on how you work, how you lead a team and the results that are produced.

We are also willing to out that believe to the test with that month’s free trial.

Please call us today on 0161 437 6809 or use our Contact Form so we can build a tailored programme to match your aims.

How To Check Availability

Simply start the booking process and select the service which you are interested in. This will show you a calendar with available dates.
You are not required to pay at the point of booking, so if you would like to reserve a workshop date, please feel free to book and pay by invoice later.

Booking Multiple Sessions

You can schedule multiple bookings of a single type (e.g. multiple coaching sessions), however to schedule a different type of booking, please repeat the scheduling process.

Payment Options

You have two payment options when booking. You can choose to pay by card at the point of booking, or to pay later by invoice (BACS).

(All prices shown during booking include VAT at 20%)