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Executive Coaching Training – One Month’s Free Trial

At Effective Coaching and Development, we can provide bespoke executive coaching training to match your requirements.

As shown in our case studies and testimonials, we have experience of working with managers, leaders and senior executives who have a responsibility for the development of teams and their organisation as a whole.

We also run a popular one-day training programme that equips executives with the coaching skills they need to support their leadership role.

In this page, we will talk a little more about what we provide ands also how it has benefitted organisation similar to yours.

Executive Coaching – Actions Speak Louder Than Words

However, first we would like to mention a free trial. We have absolute confidence that our executive coaching training will be of benefit, we also think that any business should only pay for a service it is completely satisfied with.

That is why we offer a month of free access to your own 1 to 1 business coach – this is without catches, it is simply an opportunity for you to put us to the test. executive coaching

If you are interested in free executive training coaching, please simply fill out the contact form on site or email arnieskelton@etc.co.uk

Our Coaching

The method of coaching and course make-up will vary depending on the specific requirements of the executive seeking coaching – this is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

One option is to provide three sets of two hour, one-to-one coaching sessions. This enables the attendee to work through key issues, difficulties and decisions, all in a confidential setting.

A workshop approach equips those attending with the skills to use to coach others, helping them grow as team leaders and fulfilling their need to get the most out of others.

The versatility of approach is demonstrated in what others have had to say of the executive coaching delivered by Effective Development and Training and the skills of founder Arnie Skelton.

One testimonial had this to say:

“Arnie acted more as a mirror making me aware of my language and demeanour in an interview setting. The elements he picked up on were so subtle yet so powerful. By the end of the session I was far more self aware, confident and able to portray myself in a positive way. By the time the interview came around I had a distinctly different mind set. I was much more positive and genuinely believed that I was the best person for the job on offer. It is my honest belief that Arnie helped me achieve the role and package of my dreams.  From working in a dead end and low paid job in Manchester, I am now a senior sales executive based in Houston, Texas.”

Another testimonial:

“Arnie’s coaching was – and still is – literally life-changing. He cuts to the real issues like a laser, combining his considerable expertise with uncannily accurate instincts. With his support I’ve become comfortable tackling challenges that were previously unthinkable.”

Executive Coaching Training – What We Stand For

We believe that all coaching, including that for executives, should be:

  • open and honest, without being judgemental
  • fair and considerate
  • challenging, but also supportive

Any coaching should be enjoyable, effective and offer value for money. It should also be tailored to the individual, and this is especially true for executive coaching training where the needs vary so much from individual to individual and organisation to organisation.

Any coaching of this ilk should start with a discussion so we can cater to your exact requirements.  That is also why we are willing to offer the month’s free 1 to 1 coaching, that allows you to test us out but also for us to find the best ways to add value and meet your requirements.

Please have a look around the site to get more of a feel for what we offer – we have an extensive list of courses. 

We would also welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and to set up that free month’s coaching – call us on 0161 437 6809, email arnieskelton@etduk.co.uk or use our Contact Form.

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