Coaching for High Performance

Who should attend, and why?

This programme of one day followed by 2 half-days is for anyone who wishes to understand what is meant by coaching, and how to improve their coaching style and skill set.  Coaching is a significant approach to working well with others, usually in a 1-1 setting.  It is particularly relevant in helping others work through issues that are significant to them, and also to help individuals develop and build capacity.


By the end of these 3 workshops you will

By day 1:

  • know what is meant by ‘coaching’
  • contrast coaching with other forms of communication and engagement
  • identify the benefits of coaching, for all parties involved
  • know the conditions or situations in which coaching might be helpful
  • identify the core skills needed by a good coach
  • identify potential difficulties, and how best to prevent or resolve them

By the first half day:

  • experience and review coaching first hand, through taking part in 2 1-1 coaching sessions

By the second half day:

  • gain detailed feedback on your coaching style, skills and effectiveness


  • day 1: a case study; discussion and review; definition of coaching, and a comparison with instruction; key skills and coaching models; dealing with difficulties
  • 1st half day: 2 practical 1-1 coaching sessions, followed by feedback and discussion
  • 2nd half day: repeat of 1st half day, with detailed verbal and written evaluation

Development Method:

The workshops will be a mix of case work, facilitator input, group discussion, practical activities, and feedback.


  • “Your coaching has revolutionised how I can think about myself and be the best I can be, with confidence” (Middle manager, Oxford)

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