Great feedback…

Here’s a summary of feedback from 20 participants attending a ‘Challenging Conversations’ 1-day course this week, in a North West NHS Trust:

Thought provoking     19

Made me think            17

Informative                  15

Motivating                   15

Valuable                      15

Enjoyable                    13

Interesting                   13

Relevant                      13

Captivating                   11

Professional                 11

Relaxed                        11

Entertaining                 10

Lively                           10

Excellent                        9

Comfortable                   8

Stimulating                     8

Felt valued                     7

Put me at my ease         6

Exciting                           3

And here are some of their written comments:

  • Brilliant
  • Excellent delivery of the course and format
  • Facilitation and format were excellent
  • Very engaging facilitator
  • Good pace, made it fun
  • Very informative and captivating
  • Really good
  • More captivating than most
  • Enjoyable, reassuring, and gave me new ideas
  • Fantastic; Arnie is great!
  • Excellent facilitator, very engaging, good mix of group and taught style
  • Really excellent and useful; transferable to personal and professional life
  • Really enjoyable, informative and fun
  • Should be mandatory – some really useful strategies
  • Excellent facilitator – very pleasant and inspiring
  • Very informative and enlightening
  • This course should be more readily available to staff – more frequent
  • Good inter-personal skills of presenter
  • Thoroughly thought provoking and informative day
  • Fab presentation, excellent delivery, giving inspiration and motivation
  • The best ‘strive’ course I have been on; engaging, valid and informative
  • Excellent! Very engaging good balance of structure and flexibility, information and discussio

If this is a course you think you’d like to run within your organisation, please give us a call…

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