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Great ideas gallery…

When on our travels we take snaps of things that catch our attention and/or seem like good ideas. So this is the start of our ‘great ideas’ gallery. If you have also seen great ideas, and would like to share them, then send them to us and we’ll publish them here.

Firstly, a great poster in a local FE College:

The College, in Warrington, is immaculate, with great attention to detail. We love its strap line, which appears everywhere: “more than a 6th form…”

This great idea was on a photo in the toilet area of one of our venues. When we tackle creativity, we suggest looking for combinations – making a new idea out of two existing ideas (did you know that tippex was invented by the mother of Mike Nesmith, of the Monkees, from a combination of white emulsion paint and nail varnish?). Here’s another nifty combination:

Another of our clients was inspired by the idea of FISH!, a motivational philosophy we are keen on ourselves, and so, to make their record of target setting more interesting and personal, they were inspired to set up a display board:

The same company is committed to fundraising, as a way of team building, so it’s always having fun fundraising events. This is how it keeps a record, and makes its efforts visible and in everyone’s mind – so it’s a record, a reminder, and a public acknowledgement of the work done, and the funds raised – all in a simple visual way:

Any ‘great ideas’ to add?

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