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Healthy Living Workshop

I have been on a journey of personal transformation since December 2018 which, to my astonishment and delight, has totally changed the way I eat and exercise. This has had a profoundly positive impact on my weight, waist measurements, fitness and general wellbeing.

My story has generated significant interest, and clearly it resonates with most people I tell the story to; in fact some have contacted my health coach to follow the same or similar path.

Improving people’s health and wellbeing is a major concern and may even be part of your Safeguarding and/or “Duty of Care” policy and strategy.  According to the latest Ofsted Guidelines, Healthy Living will be a key curriculum area from 2020 onwards, and staff wellbeing will be a key part of the Leadership and Management judgement.

To this end I have invited my health coach – Anna Cox – to join me on a tour of FE Colleges.

We are offering a half day workshop, during which I will briefly tell my “success story” and as a behaviour change coach, offer my top 20 tips for replacing unhelpful behaviours and habits with ones which work.  Anna will then offer an informative and entertaining session explaining how our bodies have evolved to eat; how different foods and patterns of eating impact on our bodies; the personal benefits you can gain from eating healthily; and how to make it all easy and enjoyable!  We will then take a Q&A session, followed by 15-minute consultations with anyone who wants to discuss their particular situation and/or concerns.

Although primarily aimed at FE staff and students, you may also want to invite local employers and alumni. The messages will be the same for all and may provide you with a good way to reconnect to those groups.

The tour lasts for two weeks only – during the half term weeks of 21 and 28 October 2019.  We will offer our workshops on a first come-first-served basis, so please contact me using the link below if you want to guarantee your involvement.  We have no limitation on the numbers who can attend these sessions.

The fee for the half day workshop is £800 plus VAT.  To book the workshop on the date you prefer, please click here: arnieskelton@etduk.co.uk

Hope to see you in October!

Arnie Skelton and Anna Cox

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