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Jubilee Quiz…

we’ve devised a quiz especially for this Jubilee week.  Essentially, we give you the clue, and you name the year – 60 questions, for each year of Her Majesty’s reign.

The quiz is below.  For answers, please email arnieskelton@etduk.co.uk



There are 60 questions. Each question requires a year as an answer. There are no repeat years – so the complete set of answers will cover each year between 1953 and 2012. It’s for fun only – but if you want to compete in teams, we suggest the following scoring:

10 points for the exact year

4 points for within 2 years either way

1 point for the right decade

Good luck!

1 Coal Miners strike

2 The Cuban Missile Crisis

3 First test tube baby

4 Woodstock festival

5 CDs go on sale in UK

6 Channel Tunnel opens

7 Munich air disaster

8 Dusty Springfield dies, aged 59

9 ‘Relight My Fire’ (Take That + Lulu) reaches number 1

10 Conquest of Everest

11 ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ (Pink Floyd) released

12 Argentina invades the Falkland Islands

13 First ‘Hard Rock’ café opens – in Hyde Park

14 First ‘red nose’ day

15 Olympic Games held in Rome

16 ‘My Heart Will Go On’ (Celine Dion) reaches number 1

17 First man in space

18 Winter of discontent

19 Nick Faldo wins The Masters golf tournament for the first time

20 Agatha Christie’s ‘The Moustrap’ begins its uninterrupted run

21 Nick Leeson ruins Barings Bank

22 Last FA Cup Final to be played at the ‘old’ Wembley Stadium

23 Capital punishment ended in England, Scotland and Wales

24 IRA bombings in Guildford and Birmingham

25 ‘The Bodyguard’ and ‘Basic Instinct’ both released

26 Eden Project opens in Cornwall

27 ‘Herald of Free Enterprise’ capsizes off Zeebrugge

28 Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother both die this year

29 Tsunami hits East coast of Japan

30 ‘In the Summertime’ is a number 1 hit for Mungo Jerry

31 Arrival of first cloned animal – Dolly, the sheep

32 ‘Chariots of Fire’ released

33 ‘The Common Market’ established by the Treaty of Rome

34 Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’ is released

35 West Germany won the World Cup – for the first time

36 Status Quo had a number 1 hit with ‘Down Down’

37 DJ Chris Evans is born

38 Invasion of Iraq

39 Queen had a Christmas number 1 with ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

40 Spain wins the football world cup for the first time

41 First launch of the Hovercraft

42 Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ reaches No 1

43 Torvill & Dean win Gold Medal in the Winter Olympics

44 ‘Ghost’, ‘Pretty Woman’, and ‘Dances with Wolves’ all released

45 Martin Luther King assassinated

46 Facebook launched

47 Radio Caroline begins broadcasting

48 Michael Phelps wins 8 gold medals at a single Olympics

49 Fugees have 2 number 1s with ‘Killing Me Softly’ and ‘Ready or Not’

50 John Lennon shot dead in New York

51 ‘Ratatouille’ and ‘I am Legend’ released

52 James Dean starred in ‘East of Eden’

53 Beatles release their first album, ‘Please Please Me’

54 Prince Charles marries Camilla

55 Launch of the Sinclair C5

56 ‘Crazy’ was the best selling single of this year

57 ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Rocky’ both released

58 ‘Challenger’ space shuttle disaster

59 Granada TV launches

60 Che Guevara executed

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