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Learning How To Learn

Who should attend, and why?

Anyone who wants to find out how they learn (best), and how they can improve their approach to learning, and their learning strategies, tools and techniques.


By the end of this workshop you will

  • be able to use a range of skills and techniques to support and enhance how you learn
  • decide from the various ideas and models on offer, which works best (and/or least well) for you
  • improve your ability to learn, including manage your own learning
  • become a more effective self-managed learner


  • Let’s see how you do it, now: benchmarking activity
  • Learning strategies: options
  • “Don’t know, never tried.” Give something different a go
  • Block busting: identifying then removing blockages
  • Unpicking strategies, and building your own
  • Where to from here….?

Development Method:

The workshop will be a mix of facilitator input, group discussion, testing of models and techniques, reflection and consolidation.


  • “Fantastic day – whole session was interesting, informative, practical, useful and fun!” (Manager, Chichester College of FE)

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