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My first on-line course is now available!

Over the next 3 years my mission is to publish all my training and development courses on line.  Some of them, which involve more technical know-how, I’m developing with a colleague, Dawn Yates Obe, under a new company called Finger-Tips. I’ll publish courses which require less technical input under my existing ‘Effective’ company label.

I’m using the same platform for both sets of courses, which is Udemy (www.udemy.com).

Every time I publish a course, I will announce it on this website – but if you’d like me to email you directly with that information, let me know.

So…Finger-Tips has just published its first on-line course!  It’s called ‘Maximise Your Motivation’, and is based on my ‘6As of Motivation’ course.

Its standard purchase price is £24.99, but as a special introductory offer I’m making it available at a one-off discount of £9.99 – a saving of 60%.  Once you’ve purchased it, it’s yours for good.

To find the course, go to the Udemy site and search for ‘Maximise Your Motivation’ – where you’ll get a chance to preview the course for free.  If you purchase the course, remember to use the discount coupon, and enter the reference FINGER-TIPS01

You can leave a rating and feedback on the site, so if you purchase the course, enjoy it and find it useful, please do.  If you have any suggestions for improving the course, please email them to me (arnieskelton@etduk.co.uk).

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