No win, no fee service…

Looking for a new job?  Wanting to prepare for an internal promotion?  Facing a selection process when it’s years since you last had an interview?  We at Effective can help.

Our No Win, No Fee Service provides you with either three or six hours personal support – face to face and/or over the phone.  The three hour optoin concentrates on your application and preparation for interview; the additional three hours consists of a mock interview, with full diagnosis and constructive feedback.

If you are unsuccessful, you pay nothing.  If you are successful, and get the job, then we charge you 1% of your new salary if you took the 3 hour option, and 2% if you took the 6 hour option, as a one-off fee.

We have an 80% success rate to date. 

Here’s what those using the service have said:

“Arnie helped me ignite a new career and new-found confidence.  A died-in-the-wool perfectionist, I don’t recommend anyone without caveats – but Arnie is the one exception” (Hannah)

“I was a business link worker in Liverpool, and feeling stuck.  I decided to try for a job I really wanted, and took advantage of Effective’s ‘No Win, No Fee’ offer.  The 1-1 session proved absolutely invaluable.  By the end of the session I was far more self aware, confident, and able to portray myself in a positive way.  The suggestions made were subtle but powerful.  As a result, I achieved the job of my dreams, and since then have been promoted, and now am a senior manager in a word-class organisation, and as a result now have much higher job satisfation and quality of life, and have recently moved to Texas on another promotion.” (Geoff) 

To take advantage of this service, you have to be applying, or about to apply, for a particular job.  If that is the case, then contact us on 0161 437 6809 and we can take it from there.

How To Check Availability

Simply start the booking process and select the service which you are interested in. This will show you a calendar with available dates.
You are not required to pay at the point of booking, so if you would like to reserve a workshop date, please feel free to book and pay by invoice later.

Booking Multiple Sessions

You can schedule multiple bookings of a single type (e.g. multiple coaching sessions), however to schedule a different type of booking, please repeat the scheduling process.

Payment Options

You have two payment options when booking. You can choose to pay by card at the point of booking, or to pay later by invoice (BACS).

(All prices shown during booking include VAT at 20%)