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Performance Coach

Arnie Skelton is a leading Performance Coach with a proven track record of working with individuals and organisations to deliver management and team training skills and to help people and organisations to flourish.

For more than 25 years, Arnie has run Effective Training and development and worked with clients both in the UK and abroad. 

Offering a truly bespoke service, Arnie and the Effective Training and Development team can deliver on site training and coaching or deliver insights via video – for instance out 15 video series can be used by anyone in an organisation.

The 15 video series is a good example of the range of expertise Arnie is able to provide as a performance coach.performance coach - influencing skills

The performance coaching video series covers:

  1. Coaching
  2. Creative thinking
  3. Difficult conversations
  4. Internal drivers and external behaviours
  5. Inter-personal skills
  6. Influencing skills
  7. Management styles
  8. Managing overload
  9. Managing poor performance
  10. Motivation
  11. Negotiation skills
  12. Recruitment & selection
  13. Resource management
  14. Skills, setting and state
  15. Time management

In the video series, these are quick hits – videos of roughly five minutes to provide some quick insights that can be easily enacted. They have proved to be extremely popular in many workplaces, giving people short concentrated messages.

Performance Coach – Detailed Advice 

However, they of course only skim the surface of each topic, far more detailed courses are available.

Our full range of courses is extensive and cover all aspects of performance – whether it is managing staff, being resourceful, dealing with failure, creating a successful workplace or learning a specific skill such as motivation or negotiation. 

There are many more too, please browse to see Arnie’s full scope of expertise as a performance coach.

One key course is the Performance Management series. This is a course that is perfect for anyone who is responsible for the performance of others – it is a one-day workshop that will help any attendee learn how to set SMART objectives and introduce effective ways for identifying and dealing with poor performance.

As with all courses, there are full details of what any attendee would expect to learn during their time, bringing full accountability to Arnie’s role as performance coach. 

There are also full details of the delivery method of the course, with options ranging from online delivery to courses that last a few hours, to whole days through to courses that last several days. performance coach - prioritising

There is also the option for ongoing support, Arnie acting as a performance coach that provides one-to-one ongoing executive coaching.

These are regular, short one-to-one coaching sessions whereby any specific issues, questions and areas for development can be worked upon. Previous clients have told us that this coaching has a profound effect both on their performance and with it their confidence and outlook.

The Executive Coaching is also available with a month’s FREE access to a business coach, this is a chance to see just how effective the coaching can be, trying it out for free before having to choose whether you wish to continue.

Performance Coaching – Free Resources

On this site, there are free resources, these the result of decades worth of experience. They are of use in any setting – we deliver courses to more than 100 UK clients, these including 30 local authorities, dozens of private businesses and also schools, colleges and organisations such as museums.

Resources on site include tips on the benefits of coaching, influencing skills and building confidence.

We appreciate that there are other performance coaches available, many of these also have experience and a proven track record. Why choose Arnie and Effective Training and Development?

An ability to truly work to help each individual is key, using structure but also having the experience and skill to adapt to make any course or session bespoke.

There are numerous case studies on site detailing the impact of performance coaching

Our testimonials and ratings are outstanding, the quotes highlighting different aspects of the offering as a performance coach.

Coaching Reviews

As one recent client said: “I spent two hours with Arnie recently, and can honestly say I left feeling more clear and enlightened about approaches to managing workplace development and team dynamics than I thought possible.”

“Last week I was having to deal with dominant individuals trying to wreck my event…following your training, I planned participation into the event, and it worked really well…wonderful stuff, and it saved my bacon…that’s what I call Effective.”

“I’ve really enjoyed the training and value the support you’ve given me.  It’s not until you meet a difficult situation and look at other ways of handling it that you see the benefit in this type of training, in work and home life!”

Whatever areas you are targeting for improvement, chose a performance coach that has a proven track record and makes coaching engaging.

Please have a look at the full range of courses offered by Effective Coaching and Development – and bear in mind that we have the flexibility to combine modules and deliver a bespoke package.

Contact Arnie and Effective Training and Development today. Call us on 0161 437 6809. 

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