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Coaching Program For Managers

As careers progress, many people find themselves in managerial positions without ever having been formally trained or coached in the ways of management.

It is common for people to manage in a way similar to how they have been managed, but this might not always be effective. It might not fit with what would be their natural style of management, it might be a limited approach that does not utilise the key skills of management.

At Effective Training and Development, we have a 25-year proven track record of delivering coaching programmes for managers. We can boost the performance of managers at any stage of their career, whether it is someone who is about to embark on a first managerial role, someone who has occasional need for managerial skills, or those who have been in positions for years but want to improve their technique.

The truth is, we can all learn and improve and benefit from techniques that make us more effective as individuals, but also help to get more out of any team we work with – and, at the same time, help those in our care develop too.

Led by our founder, Arnie Skelton, we have worked with organisations across the UK and Europe for decades helping address the needs of businesses, teams and individuals. We don’t just offer one coaching program for managers in the hope that a one-size-fits-all approval will work, we have a range of courses and can also offer one-to-one mentoring. Everything can be tailored to the individual and organisation.

We also have a free offer – you can try our one-to-one business coaching completely free for a month to see if it is of benefit. If that is an offer of interest, please head this way.

For managers, a number of training courses should be considered.

Our Modern Management Skills course is a refresher for some, an eye opener for others. This one-day workshop covers the six key skills for effective modern management, management that enables the team to thrive, performance to increase, but also for those within the team to feel valued.

By attending this course you will not only learn the key skills, you will also develop the ability to know which to use and when. The course will also help you find your own managerial style, different managers might respond in different ways to the same circumstances, an aim is to help you find a way that is consistent and fits in with your own natural style and your personality.

We will also take a look at how you are currently performing and set this against the key skills – the course is not designed to pick apart your managerial style, but it is also true that progress can only be made through honest reflection. 

Through this course you will learn what type of manager you are, how you shape up currently and then how you can plan and improve for the future. 

Feedback has told us that this is a course that is far more effective than most managerial workshops, leading to true, beneficial change.

Another superb course is the Performance Management option, this a course for anyone who is responsible for the performance of others. 

You will learn how to set SMART objectives, Key Performance Indicators and apply standards and targets. 

By utilising the course, you will be able to set performance metrics that are relevant and achievable. However, this is not a course just about setting and monitoring targets, you will also develop tactics for involving staff in the setting of their own objectives. This leads to greater motivation and also a higher frequency of targets being met.

There are many other courses too – Coaching for High Performance, Motivation, Team Building With A Difference  – three among them. Please take the time to have a look through a few courses to get a sense for what we offer and how we can help you grow as a manager.

All our courses use a variety of techniques and, as the testimonials show, we provide training that offers superb value for money. Joining a workshop can be a great way to learn skills while keeping the cost down. 

We also have the ability to cater courses and training to your precise needs. If you are not sure which course is quite right, or feel that elements of several might be perfect please get in touch to allow us to develop, a personal program for you.

To discuss your requirements for a coaching program for managers or to find out more about any course, please contact us today. Call us on 0161 437 6809 or use our Contact Form. 

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