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Corporate Coaching – Bespoke For Your Organisation

Corporate Coaching can make fundamental changes to any organisation, increasing motivation, encouraging individuals to work towards clear objectives and helping to drive the business or organisation forward.

At Effective Training and Development, corporate coaching is a key element in our holistic Performance Coach offering. 

We have more than 25 years experience working with business and organisations of all sizes and across all sectors, as well as with individuals, delivering corporate coaching that leads to real, ongoing change.

Because every client we work with is different, so too is our approach, a bespoke package developed that is suitable for the goals they are keen to target.

Our approach is also to help develop techniques and suggest changes that lead to increased performance through staff motivation, creating a united team working towards a clear and common goal, where people are accountable for their work and recognised for their efforts.

When those at the top level of an organisation engage in corporate coaching the effects can be profound, change filtering through to all levels. This form of training can also be essential for managers, often people fall into managerial roles and there might be little consistency in approach from one manager to the next. Corporate coaching helps bring greater unity and consistency.

Corporate Coaching – Bespoke For Your Organisation 

While every corporate coaching programme is unique, they do of course all have similarities, the aim being to ensure goals are met and their is a consensus of purpose.

How might this be delivered?

With our experience in working with so many clients across the UK and Europe, we would spend time speaking to relevant contacts to get a sense of the organisation, the goals and the ethos. 

We would then develop a bespoke training programme that is a mixture of theory and hands-on exercises, and also designed to be relaxed and enjoyable.

As shown by our comprehensive list of training courses, we can provide a huge array of sessions and it is of course possible to book on to any of these. The list of courses, however, also demonstrates the broad range of topics that can be covered, with elements picked out to make a singular, comprehensive corporate coaching programme.

The Coaching for High Performance course, for instance, enables anyone to develop the core skills required to be a coach and understand how coaching is different from other forms of communication. 

The coaching can be of value to the organisation as it ensures skills are passed on, enables employees to benefit from being coached and is also a rewarding role for those doing the coaching. The end product should be that that the organisation ,builds capacity for effective in house coaching and so has strategies in place that lead to ongoing performance gains.

Another course to mention is the Innovative Thinking programme. To quote from Albert Einstein, ‘we cannot solve today’s problems with today’s thinking’. This course helps develop innovative thinking and also build confidence in this skill, encouraging people to take sensible risks and to be innovative. This course can also help tackle a fear of failure, some failure is essential to organisational growth, a lack of failure suggesting a lack of attempting to be innovative.

The balance is to make sensible innovations and to analyse and learn from them quickly, this feeding in to overall corporate coaching.

Corporate Coaching – Case Studies

Those are just two of the many courses, each with elements that can be combined into a corporate coaching programme. Please have a browse through the courses just to get a sense for what is available and work out which would be of benefit for your organisation.

We would also welcome the chance to discuss your requirements, an open and honest conversation all that is required to enable us to make recommendations and start to plan a proposed coaching course.

Our Case Studies demonstrate the value we bring, each showing how we tackled specific concerns of that client and worked with them to develop ongoing change. Please also browse our testimonials, including data on how participants rate the courses attended.

We also have a number of free resources on this site, including tips and recommendations – the Top 10 benefits of coaching a useful guide to how corporate coaching can be of immense value. 

At Effective Training and development, we also offer one month’s free access to a 1 to 1 business coach – this without further obligation, we believe the coaching will prove valuable enough for any client to want to continue, but they are in no way obligated to do so.

For further details of this offer, please contact us – full offer details available. 

We deliver proven corporate coaching that will motivate staff and lead to greater focus on organisational goals being set and achieved.

Please call us today on 0161 437 6809 or Contact Us online so we can discuss your requirements.

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