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Learn some really simple but effective tools to make prioritising easy and effective and reduce the pressure of work.

Who should attend, and why?

Anyone who often feels overwhelmed with work, especially when it’s hard to prioritise “because everything is a priority!”.  Do you want to come on this course – but are worried “it isn’t a priority”?


By the end of this workshop you will

  • know why it is important to prioritise
  • have established some key and effective ground rules and principles to help you decide your priorities
  • know your personal barriers to prioritising effectively, and how to minimise or overcome them
  • have applied the principles to good effect in a series of prioritising case studies


  • Why is prioritising important
  • How do you do it at present?
  • Key principles, ground rules and guidelines – that work
  • Building good habits, and breaking down barriers#
  • See for yourself: case work

Development Method:

The workshop will be a mix of facilitator input, group discussion, case work and reflection.


  • “I really got a great deal from your training. It is the best CPD I’ve ever been to.  It will also help me personally.  Very inspired by your session” (Business Owner, Dublin)

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