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Problem Solving

Who should attend, and why?

Are you someone who starts every day with good intentions and a plan, but finds it is taken over with one problem after another?  Is problem solving a key component of your role?  If it is, this one day workshop will give you a range of practical tools and techniques to put into your problem-solving toolbox.


By the end of this workshop you will

  • be able to define the problem
  • be able to structure the problem
  • be able to apply logical and creative approaches to problems
  • be able to choose the most appropriate tool for any problem you face


  • The left and right hemispheres of the brain – and a fun diagnostic…
  • Driving on the left: the logical, linear approach top problem solving
  • Driving on the right: being creative and intuitive
  • Switching lanes: system 1 and system 2 thinking
  • Case work: tools and techniques applied
  • Reflection and action planning

Development Method:

The workshop will be a mix of facilitator input, group discussion, practical casework, feedback, reflection and action planning.


  • “very good – probably the longest/busiest course I’ve been on, but the least boring” (Business Manager, London)

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