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Quality Communication

Who should attend, and why?

This one-day programme falls into two halves: in the morning we will look at a strategic, big picture approach to communication – who, what, how, when, where and why?  What are your options, and what will your strategy be?  In the afternoon, we will look through the other end of the telescope – at the language of communication – what people say, and how they say it – because little things make a big difference.  If you would like to examine and improve your current practice in both of these areas, this course is for you…


By the end of this workshop you will

  • be able to devise an effective strategy for large scale communication, based on a set of criteria against which the quality of the strategy can be assessed
  • know how to use words and tone sensitively, to create exactly the impact you want – and avoid the opposite!


  • The bigger picture: sharing practice – what do you do now, and how effective is it?
  • What makes for quality communication at a strategic level?
  • Setting quality criteria – then working out how to deliver them
  • The forensic approach to language: being careful, not careless, with words and tone
  • Case work examples
  • Personal reflection and action planning

Development Method:

The workshop will be a mix of facilitator input, group discussion, practical examples and case work, reflection and action planning.


  •  “I will use plainer English, particularly regarding documentation sent to teachers – I changed the style and tone of a letter I drafted during the lunch break!” (senior manager, Manchester)

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