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Recommended Reading

This is a new feature, which I hope you’ll find helpful, and will contribute to yourself.

This is a list of books that are favourites of ours, that we can recommend under a range of topics that we provide training and development in, plus some ’specials’ which don’t fit any particular category, but are good, mind opening books.

This is the starter list. We’ll add to it from time to time, and we’d really welcome suggestions from you. So if you’ve read something relevant to personal development, that you’ve found particularly helpful or inspiring, please let us know by leaving your name, a title and author in the box below. Thanks.

Awaken the Giant Within                                       Anthony Robbins

Be Creative                                                            Guy Claxton & Bill Lucas

Being Happy                                                          Andrew Matthews

Between a Rock & a Hard Place                              Aaron Ralston

Changing for Good                                                J O Prochaska et al

Changing Minds                                                    Howard Gardner

Corporation Man                                                   Antony Jay

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain                  Betty Edwards

Eats, Shoots & Leaves                                            Lynne Truss

Emotional Intelligence                                           Daniel Goleman

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway                              Susan Jeffers

FISH!                                                                      Stephen  C Lundin et al

Freedom to Learn                                                   Carl Rogers

Fun Works                                                              L Yerkes

Funky Business                                                      K Nordstrom & J Ridderstrale

Games People Play                                                 Eric Berne

Know Your Brain                                                     Nicola Morgan

Leadership                                                             R W Giuliani

Man’s Search for Meaning                                      Viktor Frankl

Men are from Mars….                                             John Gray

NLP for Dummies                                                  R Ready & K Burton

Odyssey: from Pepsi to Apple                                John Sculley

On Writing                                                        Stephen King (yes, that Stephen King!)

Persuasion                                                             James Borg

Power up your Mind                                               Bill Lucas

Problem Solved                                                      M Johnson (Ed)

Purple Cow                                                            Seth Godin

Quick Thinking on your Feet                                 V Pierce

SUMO Your Relationships                                      P McGee

Super Confidence                                                  Gael Lindenfield

Talking from 9 to 5                                               Deborah Tannen

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing                    Al Ries & Jack Trout

The Big Idea                                                           Robert Jones

The Luck Factor                                                     Richard Wiseman

The Naked Leader                                                  David Taylor

The New Learning Revolution                                G Dryden & J Vos

The Power of Now                                                  Eckhart Tolle

The Tipping Point                                                  Malcolm Gladwell

Thinkertoys                                                           Michael Michalko

Training your Brain                                                T Horne & S Wootton

Unllimited Power                                                   Anthony Robbins

Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion    N J Goldstein et al

You Just Don’t Understand                                    Deborah Tannen

Why do Buses Come in 3s?                                    R Eastaway & J Wyndham


101 Poems to get you through….                          Daisy Goodwin (Ed)

Inside Steve’s Brain                                            Leander Kahney (Steve Jobs, that is)

Mountains of the Mind                                           R MacFarlane

The Art of Looking Sideways                                 Alan Fletcher

Universal Principles of Design                               W Lidwell et al

Who Are You?                                                         Malcolm Godwin

Why Don’t Penguins Feet Freeze?                           New Scientist

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