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Report Writing

Who should attend, and why?

Anyone who writes reports, documents or extended letters, and who wants to improve.


By the end of the course you will

  • Identify the 7 key steps needed to successfully complete and piece of extended writing
  • Learn how to structure and prepare
  • Identify typical report conventions
  • Learn how to write effectively
  • Learn some tools and techniques to make writing quicker, easier, and more effective


  • Case study of sample materials for you to assess: what’s good/bad, and why?
  • The readers’ perspective: as a reader, what do you want?  Do your reports deliver?
  • The 7 key steps
  • Applying the 7 key steps: a case study
  • Review, evaluation

Development Method:

  • Desk based research of other written material
  • Trainer input
  • Group discussion
  • Practical activities


  • “Changed my whole attitude to report writing. I have a much more positive approach now – and see just how effective I can be”  (middle manager, Stockport)

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