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Resilient Leadership

Is resilience innate, or can you develop it? We believe it is both, and this one-day programme will help you assess your current mental and physical resilience, identify strengths and any gaps, and help you address them.

Who should attend, and why?

This is for anyone who feels they need to be as resilient as they can be in their leadership role, and/or who needs to help others develop their resilience, and or build organisational capacity in this area, including helping create a resilient culture


By the end of this workshop you will

  • identify the two main contributions to personal resilience
  • self-assess your resilience, where it comes from, your strengths, and possible areas for development
  • select from a range of strategies and techniques to help you build and sustain personal resilience
  • consider whether it is important to create resilience as an organisational attribute, and build a resilient culture – and if so, how to do it

Resilient leadership @ Effective


  • Resilient role models: some examples
  • Your views on the key contributions to resilience
  • The two main factors
  • Building and sustaining personal resilience
  • Helping others be more resilient
  • Developing resilience as an organisational attribute

Development Method:

The workshop will be a mix of facilitator input, group discussion, practical examples and role models, a diagnostic self assessment, and reflection.


  • “Very good course. Easy to listen to with excellent suggestions and content” (senior manager, Manchester)

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