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Top 10… books for gifts

We thought that, at this time of year, we’d offer you some recommended reads, for yourself, or as gifts for others who might appreciate them.  So here are our top 10 recommends:

1:  Being Happy, by Andrew Matthews –  Arnie’s number one book of all time – “should be a set text in school, or given out free at birth”

2: Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion, by N J Goldstein et al – intriguing and helpful…is persuasion no longer an art form?

3: Bounce! by Matthew Sayed – success is less to do with talent, than application – good news for most of us…!

4: Your Brain – the Missing Manual, by Matthew MacDonald – an easy guide to a complex device…

5: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, by Susan Jeffers – inspirational, seminal, one of the all time greats…

6: Thinking Fast & Slow, by Daniel Kahneman – not what you think, but how….insightful, and loads of fascinating facts…

7: On Writing, by Stephen King – the master storyteller divulges his secrets of successful writing – a how to manual that, as you’d expect, is very readable…!

8: Flip It, by Michael Heppell – putting a positive spin on everything; simple, short, effective

and of course:

9:  The Wizard Book of Management, by Arnie Skelton & Diane Ingham-Cook – 100 top tips, a ‘dip in’ book, highly readable and helpful.  Available from us, or from Amazon…

10:  Are You Sitting Comfortably?, by Arnie Skelton & Diane Ingham-Cook – 52 real life stories, each with a moral…..Available from the authors…

If you’d like to offer your particular recommends, please enter the details in the comments box below.

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