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Top 10: websites of the year…

These are just our personal favourites.  We’ve only listed nine – so you can add the tenth!  So please nominate your best website find of the year below.  Thanks.  Have a great festive season, and all the very best for 2011!  Thanks to all our clients and participants who have helped ‘make our days’ during 2010!

Firstly, great sites:

1:  www.ted.com – an Aladdin’s cave….useful stuff.  For example, if you are interested in leadership, try out ‘how to start a movement’…

2: www.thersa.org – especially the animates: wonderful: clever, absorbing, informative

3: www.stumbleupon.com – just great exposure to the wonderful world of…the world.  Be warned: you could lose a day or more in here…

4: www.benheine.com – great graphic artist.  very creative.  Check out the pencil v camera exhibition

5: www.commoncraft.com – the original source for ‘…in plain English’ formats: eg blogs, twitter, podcasts.  Really accessible

Then, some specific favourites of ours: make sure you have the speakers turned on!

6: www.eightprinciples.com – should be compulsory viewing.  We wish we’d done this!

7: dance train station belgium – just enter this in google or you tube – and enjoy!!

8: Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech – again, enter on Ted or You Tube.  The man is amazing!  15 minutes well spent…

9: whte christmas cartoon song – a seasonal favourite of ours – guranteed to make you smile.

10:….? – space left for your personal favourite.  Please let us know!!

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