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Walk and Talk

Who should attend, and why?

This one-day walking event is for anyone who prefers the outdoors to the classroom as an opportunity for reflection and learning.  You will be led by the course facilitator on a gentle walk through Epping Forest, and during the walk will have regular opportunities to discuss a range of topics, so you ‘walk and talk’.  The topics for each of the two sessions are listed below.


By the end of the walk you will

  • have had the opportunity to discuss, and listen to, views on 4 separate topics (see below)
  • have met with others who share a similar interest in, and contributions to, those topics
  • feel more confident and competent in tackling these issues
  • have enjoyed a full day’s walk in a beautiful setting


  • 12 January: delegation, dealing with negativity, managing friends, thinking on your feet
  • 22 February: media skills, assertiveness, culture, partnership working

Development Method:

The walk will be flat, and will be based on facilitator-led small group discussion, with regular stops for whole group discussion.  Bring your own lunch and refreshments…


  • “brilliant – a great, healthy and relaxing way to share information and ideas” (CEO, Birmingham)

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