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Effective Training and Development work in partnership with many clients to address key organisational, departmental and team needs. Click the relevant headings below to show/hide examples.

Organisational Case Study

Need: a young, family based IT company had grown dramatically, and lacked a proper business infrastructure

Solution: we helped them establish a modern business model, which included a clear vision, strategy and quarterly rolling business plan, linked to a staff performance, recognition and development scheme.

Result: improvement in staff morale and confidence, tested by a before and after staff survey; accreditation for Investors in People within the year, in which the assessor referred to the excellence of the business model

Departmental Case Study

Need: the advertising department of a major regional newspaper needed to improve performance and retain its most capable staff.

Solution: we helped them introduce a comprehensive performance management framework, linked to a performance review and development (PR&D) scheme

Result: improved staff morale and retention; improved performance; subsequent roll out to other parts of the business, requested and driven by managers who had been introduced to the new scheme

Team Case Study

Need: following a staff survey, the senior management team of a major museum recognised the need for its own development, in order to show more effective leadership within the organisation

Solution: working intensively with the Senior Management Team, they now have a clearer vision and strategy for the Museum, and have created structures and processes to define and implement their leadership role

In addition, we offer facilitation of tricky or senior meetings, strategic development or team building sessions and can help in both the design and delivery of Assessment and Development Centres. ETD regularly act as skilled observers and coaches.

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