Leadership Coaching

What we do

We provide 1-1 coaching for senior staff with a key responsibility for leading their organisation, creating strategic direction and managing change.

We also provide a one-day programme to equip senior executives with key coaching skills, to support their leadership role

How we do it

We can provide 3 sets of 2-hour coaching sessions for individuals. These are entirely confidential and help the individual work through key issues, difficulties or decisions.

We can also provide a workshop which will give those attending the key skills to use to coach others, as part of their leadership role.

Leadership Coaching Case Studies and Examples

Arnie did not teach me anything I didn’t all ready know around the role. Instead he acted more as a mirror making me aware of my language and demeanor in an interview setting. The elements he picked up on were so subtle yet so powerful. By the end of the session I was far more self aware, confident and able to portray myself in a positive way. By the time the interview came around I had a distinctly different mind set. I was much more positive and genuinely believed that I was the best person for the job on offer. It is my honest belief that Arnie helped me achieve the role and package of my dreams.  From working in a dead end and low paid job in Manchester, I am now a senior sales executive based in Houston, Texas.


Arnie’s coaching was – and still is – literally life-changing. He cuts to the real issues like a laser, combining his considerable expertise with uncannily accurate instincts. With his support I’ve become comfortable tackling challenges that were previously unthinkable; Arnie helped me ignite a new career and new-found confidence. A died-in-the-wool perfectionist, I don’t recommend anyone without caveats – but Arnie is one exception.

Arnie’s strengths as a coach are:

  • He is completely open and honest, without being judgemental
  • He is fair and considerate
  • He is challenging, but in a supportive way – he never ‘has a go’ or pushes his own views onto me
  • He encourages me to stand still, take stock, look at what’s going on, and check it out
  • He is completely reliable and consistent
  • He is very professional – I couldn’t tell if he was personally having a bad day or not – it never shows
  • He is excellent value for money
  • He is independent, operating outside the organisation.  As a result, he has a greater impact: his comments and approach are entirely for my development: there is no other ‘agenda’
Leadership Coaching Enquiry

How To Check Availability

Simply start the booking process and select the service which you are interested in. This will show you a calendar with available dates.
You are not required to pay at the point of booking, so if you would like to reserve a workshop date, please feel free to book and pay by invoice later.

Booking Multiple Sessions

You can schedule multiple bookings of a single type (e.g. multiple coaching sessions), however to schedule a different type of booking, please repeat the scheduling process.

Payment Options

You have two payment options when booking. You can choose to pay by card at the point of booking, or to pay later by invoice (BACS).

(All prices shown during booking include VAT at 20%)