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One to one coaching

Some learning is not suited to a group environment. Individuals need to talk confidentially, in private, and at greater length than provided on a typical training programme.

We provide personal support and development for a wide range of individuals, from Chief Executives to first line supervisors who are struggling with their new role, to individual staff trying to deal with difficult, work-related issues.


Executive coaching

We have worked as personal coach with 8 senior managers of a public sector investment company, based in Ireland. We are the personal coach for 4 Chief Executives and a range of second and third tier managers

Career coaching

We offer a ‘No Win, No Fee’ service to anyone wanting to apply for their next job. We offer a half or full day service, which typically includes review of job application and a mock interview, plus assistance with any presentation required. We charge a fee only if there is a positive result – i.e. an offer of the job. If there isn’t, we don’t charge. Currently we have a success rate of over 80%.

Personal coaching

Coaching for individuals who need detailed and specific support to help them tackle a difficult issue, or turn an unwanted or restrictive behaviour around. This personal coaching can be for the manager of such individuals, or for the individuals themselves.

Coaching as a management style

We believe all managers would benefit from at least having access to a coaching style of management – one in which the individual is encouraged supportively to find appropriate solutions, rather than being told what to do. We offer full-day programmes to equip managers with an understanding of this approach, and the key skills to deliver the coaching role.

Coaching Pools

Would you like a pool of qualified coaches to offer their services across the organisation?  We offer a 1 full day + 2 half days programme in which we train and then assess coaches to join such a pool.

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