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For prices and order forms on our training and development materials listed below please contact Caroline, our Office Manager, at carolinerowlands@etduk.co.uk

We have a number of product-based training programmes, created around our own copyright materials, such as:

  • 360-Degree Questionnaire – used mainly as part of a 1-1 or group evaluation of personal skill sets and management style
  • Culture Questionnaire – used mainly as part of a 1-day benchmarking and changing organisational culture course
  • KILN Diagnostic – a 4-frame method of assessing current appetite for change in any team, used on our 1-day ‘managing change’ course
  • PintoS – a problems into solutions technique as part of an investigation of issues or difficulties in the team or office dynamics
  • Competency Benchmarking – as a 1 day programme in understanding and measuring competencies
  • SETI – a 4-step evaluation model, used as a central methodology on our one day ‘Evaluating Training’ programme

We also provide the following services which are outside our standard portfolio:

  • Policy Review and Writing – we have reviewed and updated 26 policies for one client
  • Guest Speaker/MC – we are often asked to be a guest speaker at conferences or events, and/or to act as entertaining link between events
  • Critical Friend – we are invited onto various groups to act as a critical friend, an independent, thoughtful, innovative and challenging voice
  • Video-Maker – we can make short and effective videos for your own programmes or events

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