Effective Training and Development
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Training and development

We design and deliver a range of programmes for over 100 clients including 30 local authorities, 10 FE colleges, and 15 museums and heritage organisations.

Other clients include Bentley Motors, Epping Forest College, Imperial War Museum, and Merseytravel.

Programme portfolio

We have developed a wide range of training options. We also design specific programmes to address particular needs.

Skills for individuals

Managing me:

  • Yikes, yuk! Tackling your own fears, anxieties, frustrations and confidence
  • Finding the key to your own motivation
  • Mindshift: how to build and maintain a positive attitude
  • Are you emotionally intelligent?

Managing my job:

  • Improve your personal effectiveness, discipline and organisation
  • Get to grips with overload

Managing my relationships with others:

  • Self presentation: make a positive impression
  • 12 key skills to help you work well with others
  • Influence and persuasion: how to get what you want – nicely

Managing difficult situations and behaviours:

  • Say no to stress! Healthy ways to prevent and remove stress
  • How to deal positively with difficult people and situations
  • Manage your response! Stay calm and controlled when under pressure
  • How to be assertive

Skills for Managers

  • Moving into management: an overview of the role and skills of a modern manager
  • Don’t dump – delegate! What, who, why, when and how
  • Difficult staff behaviours: your six worst nightmares
  • Create an attendance culture
  • Mediation and dispute management
  • Above, below, sideways and beyond: how to build and maintain key relationships
  • Get the best from your staff
  • Get under-performers on-side
  • How to manage projects simply, but effectively
  • How to be a good staff coach and mentor
  • Build high performance teams
  • Facilitation skills
  • It’s not what you do! Improving performance by paying attention to process
  • Managing from the middle
  • Managing change and resistance to change


  • Changing gears: moving from management to leadership
  • Create successful change
  • Helping others through difficult times
  • Establish a performance management framework
  • Head above the parapet: think and act strategically
  • Who drives your business? Create and embed a customer-led culture

General Skills

  • High impact presentations
  • How to negotiate
  • How to run successful meetings
  • Little things … the power of positive language
  • How to solve problems and take decisions
  • A 7-step guide to writing effective reports
  • How to think on your feet
  • Managing your time: 50 ways to make the best of what you’ve got
  • Modern business writing

Technical Skills

  • Accelerated Learning for trainers
  • Benchmarking
  • Creative thinking
  • Using competencies to drive performance, selection and development
  • Implementing the new Customer Service Standard
  • Evaluating staff development
  • Improving emotional intelligence
  • Using IT effectively as a trainer or teacher
  • A performance-led approach to recruitment and selection
  • Selling skills
  • Front line customer service skills
  • Giving it so they get it: high impact training
  • Creating effective business and service plans
  • Performance Review and Development: making it real
  • Grievance and disciplinary issues
  • More than just an interview: effective staff selection

If you can’t find what you are looking for from the above list contact us. We are able to design specific programmes for clients, to address particular needs. We can combine elements from the above list to create a ‘pick and mix’ package to meet your specific requirements. Finally, you may have issues in mind, rather than topics. Let us know what your issues are, and we will design a programme to specifically address these issues.

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