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Why choose us

How do you know that ETD can meet your needs?

A number of reasons, but if any of the following are particularly important to you, then give us a call:

  • we use a variety of innovative learning processes which are guaranteed to fully engage the learner
  • cost effective solutions – our clients regard us as very good value for money (see Testimonials or Making a Difference for more information)
  • our programmes are tailored to the needs of the client and their participants – we have no ‘off the shelf’ provision
  • our programmes are regarded as practical, pragmatic and ‘real’; we ensure the programmes are relevant to the learners, so that the participants can take the learning from the programme and transfer it instantly into the workplace
  • we make learning fun: we fun-damentally believe people learn best in a relaxed and enjoyable environment
  • what we say we will do, we will do: we deliver our commitments. We are reliable and consistent
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